Franciscus has worked on commissioned assignments throughout his career. But in recent years, these commissions have become an increasingly important part of his professional practice.


Painterly assignments are often portraits. However, on request Franciscus makes works that are inspired by his existing works with adaptations requested by the client. An example of this is the work 'Lilith and Adam', where the assignment was to replace the Eve from the original work by Adam's first wife Lilith. Franciscus is often commissioned to make already sold works once again. Sometimes in the same size, but also in other smaller or larger formats. Franciscus happily likes to respond to this, feeling that it is truly done in the footsteps of the old masters who made elaborate copies when requested.


The photographic portraits made together with Rienus Gündel Franciscus prove very suitable to be commissioned.The duo has immortalised many individuals and/or their loved ones in this technique. Commercial assignments have also emerged, such as the stage image for the music theatre group 'Project Wildeman'.

On Location

Working on location can create possibilities that are impossible to realise in the restricted area of the studio. Intimacy and monumentality go hand in hand. The space-filling works such as the ‘Tuinkamer’ in the Zeeuws Archief and the Ye Olde Carlton Arms Hotel in NYC and the hefty wall painting on Curacao, commissioned by the Curaçao Ministry of Justice, illustrate this.