Artist in Resident at Jingdezhen International Studio, China 2019

Jun 05, 2020

Nine international artists, alumni of the European Ceramic Work Centre, were invited to work at Taoxichuan International Studio’s in Jingdezhen, since 2000 years ceramic capital of China. The pieces we created at the Studio’s were part of the exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the E.K.W.C. In this show also nine Chinese artists were included. Working in Jingdezhen is different than in the Netherlands. Porcelain and clay are different. Glazes are cheap and readymade. Molding and casting factories are there in abundance to do the work for you with great speed, excellence and expertise. One can find so called ‘masters’ to help you in every discipline in the field of ceramics.Jingdezhen breathes ceramic and I learned a lot in a short period of time.We had little more than two months to fill the huge Toaxichuan Gallery.

The works we made were going to travel to more galleries in China. Due to Covid things were postponed. The better part of the work I made at the International studio's is therefor in crates waiting for action. But pictures of the works you will find under 'sculptures',

Jingdezhen International Studio staff

EKWC participants

Attua Aparicio

Priya Sundaravalli

Koen Taselaar

Andrea Rodriguez

Lena Kaapke

Jessica Harrison

Erika Emeren

Bday! 60 and still partying

Our crib and vicinity

Jingdezhen international studio

Work in progress

Ready for take off

20/4/2019 Opening day

1/5/2019 Tip: Never do Yellow Mountains at Labour Day.